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Musings from the Brink

Things are picking up

12 February 1976
I'm almost 34. Gulp. Currently an unemployed Stay-at-Home-Mom of 2 gorgeous little boys. I have two or three stepchildren depending on how you look at things. I'm a Northwestern alumnae and I bleed purple. I am a football fan and a constant reader. I am a fan of hyphens but not the final comma in a series. There's always something going on here.

I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, so the rural area where I live now, in Central PA, is giving me a little culture shock. Even after two years here.

I'm a geek. I cook. I can recite most of John Hughes' films and the Princess Bride by heart. I like hairbands and also country music. I used to wear Doc Martens all the time but I'm trying to be more girly. I miss Chicago. I have a Disney obsession.

I lean waaaaay over to the left politically and I'm not even a teeny bit religious.