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Free Bracelet for Cervical Cancer Research

This is very cool. Please forward it on to your friends and post it in your LJ.

Go to this link and order your free bracelet - it costs you nothing, but every one that is ordered, Merck Pharmaceuticals donates $1 for cervical cancer research.  This is not a hoax!

By ordering a free Make the Connection bracelet kit, you will be helping to advance cervical cancer education and outreach. For every pair of bracelet kits ordered, Merck will donate one dollar to Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation, up to $100,000, for cervical cancer awareness and screening programs among medically underserved women.


Kits can also be ordered over the phone 888-4-HPV-CONNECT (888-447-8266).
The personally identifiable information collected on this form will not be provided to third parties. 

"Tell Someone"

Share this with as many people as possible and encourage them to do the same. We all Need To Get The Word Out! Thank You