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Feeling all high techy and cool

So when I got my new digital camera for my birthday I needed a SD memory card for it.  (My old one used compact flash memory.)  I didn't want to pay $75 for one so I waited until a sale came around.  I ended up buying one that came with an MP3 player at Target for like $25 (this is a 512 meg card).  I threw the player in a drawer and forgot about it and put the card in my camera. 

Then my mom bought a camera and was being weird about buying a card.  I gave her mine.  So again I was looking to buy a memory card. 

In the meantime, all these weird dental issues came about.  I'm going on Friday to have my last two wisdom teeth pulled and also to get the broken one out and I think get my temporary bridge.  I have been in a panic about having to listen to the dental work.  I don't know why it freaks me out so much, but it does.  I wanted to have something to listen to and focus on so I could forget about the oral surgery.  

YAY-- out comes the cheap MP3 player from the drawer!

I went to Best Buy and bought two cards (on sale with a rebate this week!)-- one for the MP3 player and one for my camera.  I loaded the player all up and then couldn't figure out how to work it.  

It took me almost an hour on the manufacturer's web site and fiddling around with the buttons to get it to work.  I am soooo tickled by it.  I may wear this thing all the time.  

(I still want an IPod though!)


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Jun. 9th, 2006 10:25 am (UTC)
I'm going on Friday to have my last two wisdom teeth pulled and also to get the broken one out

Wait. You haven't gotten the broken one out yet? I thought that happened once everything got cleared up with your former employer? You poor thing! You've been going through that agony even longer than I thought before??? :(
Jun. 12th, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC)
Nope, I had it until Friday because there was all this other stuff that had to happen first. They had to do an impression of my teeth so they could make the bridge. They had to do x-rays and a cleaning. Now the space has to heal before I can have the bridge installed. It didn't hurt at all at the end. The tooth was already dead because I'd had a root canal done on it a couple of years ago. What hurt was that whenever I bit down, the broken half would press outward against my gums.

I'm just glad it's over!
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