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Countdown to Shower: 5 days

Last night I went out shopping and bought decorations, gifts, party supplies like the sterno cans and serving spoons and prizes for three games (two little hardcover cookbooks and a cute photo album).  I ordered balloons (lots of them) and the cake.  Then I stayed up really late wrapping things and finishing the favors. 

Today I have to order a corsage and plan three games.   

Saturday Steve and I have massive massive yard cleaning to do.  

Sunday morning Steve will have to pick up the giant sandwich, the balloons and the corsage.  I want to go to Costco to get flowers for the centerpieces, half and half for coffee and hot beverage cups. (I am NOT washing dishes!)  We'll also have to set up the tents and tables and do the decorating.  I wish my mother could come and help but I think Nela is planning to drive down here with her.  Yikes.  I can get all of this done, but I need someone to mind the babies. 

I have no idea who is coming.  Because we had to throw this together at the last minute we did invites via phone call and evite.  I think I'll send out a reminder to respond email today.  That wouldn't be too annoying would it? I think we invited something like 25.  I really hope that Terik's sisters come. 

I still can't believe that my little sister, who swore that she would never get married, is doing just that.