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A little tenderness...

Idol was awesome last night-- at least if you're a Taylor fan!  

He was so great.  I loved all three songs and  I think he has tied it up.   Anyone remember what Randy called him? 

I managed to get in 10 votes for him last night-- the first time I've voted all season.   

I didn't recognize any of Elliott's songs and I think the only one Kat did well was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  In fact, I don't think Kat has a very good pop music voice.  I think she's much better suited to jazz singing.  Elliott's teeth bother me.   So it's gotta be Taylor.



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May. 17th, 2006 01:07 pm (UTC)
Elliot's my top guy. But, I like Taylor almost equally so I'll be happy if he wins, too.

I am not sure how the hell Kat has stayed alive all this time. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was *amazing*, though!!!

Whenever she sings I think Broadway.
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