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Ongoing Dental Drama

Quarter to 12.  Still haven't heard back from the benefits coordinator.  I will call at noon.  Three hours is long enough to put in a phone call.  

I just spoke to Andy's therapist and she said she went to the dentist that my appointment is with tonight and that they screwed her over on her payments.  They said that her x-rays were covered by her insurance and it wasn't and she had to pay out of pocket.  

I wonder if perhaps I should get on the dental insurance company website and see if there's another local dentist.  I picked the one I did because they specialize in sedation dentistry.  I have so much work to be done, I kind of liked the idea that I could go to sleep and they would do all the work.  I'm such a dental coward. 

When I called and made my first appointment I was a little put off by the office manager.  I feel like I should trust my instincts.