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Miserable Night

I barely slept last night, I was so upset about this whole dentist thing.  Now the broken tooth and the surrounding gum area is really starting to hurt.  My mind was racing with the phone call I have to make this morning and I just couldn't relax enough to fall asleep.  I'm sure I was disturbing Steve with my tossing and turning. 

So, I am planning to call my old office in just a few minutes  and I have to mentally calm myself down from starting off the phone call yelling.  I seriously feel like they ripped me off but I know that things will go better if I start off sweetly rather than with both barrels blazing.  

It's going to take some real self-control but I have to keep in mind that the person I am going to speak to, isn't the one to blame.  

Argh... here we go.