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Weekend of calm wonderfulness

I hope everyone had a very happy Mother's Day! 

This weekend was pretty calm.  I have no recollection of what we did on Friday except that I broke one of my teeth.  It's my own stupid fault-- I had a half-finished root canal that I procrastinated on for a couple years.  Then I didn't have dental insurance.  Then I was pregnant.  Then I had a newborn.  Yadda yadda yadda.  So this tooth broke in half but both halves are still in the gum so everytime I attempt to eat something, it presses the tooth halves outward, stretching my gums and it really hurts.  

Saturday my mom came over in the morning to play with the boys.  In the evening Steve and I watched this show about diners on the Food Network that made me really, really want diner food.

Yesterday, we went to the Americana Diner in Shrewsbury, NJ.  It was wonderfully shiny and chrome-y on the outside and appropriately retro inside.  We had huge breakfasts and then ran around doing errands.  We brought Andy home for his nap and left Rachel home to mind him while Steve, Joey and I made a quick jaunt to Costco for dinner fixins.  

I made crab-stuffed shrimp and a homemade Caesar salad.  I swear my dressing is better than anything you can find in a bottle!  So Steve and I had massive garlic breath all evening.  We got the kids settled in for the night and watched the Sopranos but taped Big Love.  

Tonight: Emergency dental appointment at 6.


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May. 16th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC)
Jules, will you marry me??? :) I want crab stuffed shrimp & Ceasar salad!!! Man that sounds GOOD! And if you still insist on being married to that guy of yours, can I at least be handed down a recipe? :)

Hope you get that tooth fixed! That gave me some serious oogies! Thinking of the splitting and THEN the thought of the food or whatever going down the inside. Yikes!
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