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I was reading back in my journal and noticed that I haven't written anything even remotely thought provoking in a long time.  I don't know if it is because of intellectual laziness or just the sleep deprivation from Joey!  

I was thinking about the current state of patriotism. 

I am a net junkie-- I read articles and blogs from both sides of the political coin.   Funny since I really, really hate politics.  But I do love my country and I do fear for the lives of the American servicemen who are fighting W's war.  Anyway, I strive to seek out and understand the viewpoints of people who think differently than I do.   I think it is beneficial to read the opinions of people with whom I disagree so that I don't become so blind in my opinions that I fail to see the reasoning of those on the other side of the issues. 

I dispise this current climate of the political media where pundits are attacked for who they are rather than what they believe.  I have some experience with this myself from my little, New Jersey town.  It's become common to attack the person rather than engaging in a debate of ideas.   It's a trend that should be disturbing to all of us.  So if I say that this war is bogus and that lives are being lost unecessarily, I believe it is patriotic of me to say so.  Freedom of speech is one of the most amazing liberties that we, as Americans, have.  So when someone tells me to go live in Russia or Afganistan because I don't believe that these unfortunate soldiers are dying for my personal freedom, I am hurt deeply.  The war for my personal freedom was won long ago.  If anyone is fighting for the freedom of the average American it is the man who stands against the president and speaks his dissent for the president's actions,

I'm scared by the seemingly blind devotion to our president.  Anyone who disagrees is labeled anti-American, "liberal"- as if it's a dirty word.  There were no weapons of mass destruction.  Our service members aren't dying for our freedom-- they're dying for OIL.  Wire-tapping isn't right.  Holding people for years in a detention camp without a trial or even a hearing is poisonous to our way of life.  W's circumnavigation of the Constitution is helping the terrorists.  He's removing our liberties and freedom-- those things the terrorist organizations most envy and despise. 

I consider myself patriotic and I have one of those yellow ribbon magnets on my car.  I support the soldier who follows his orders.  I mourn at his death; however, I believe he died in vain.  I really do.  I believe that I can be patriotic without supporting a war fought for the wrong reasons.