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What's up, yo?

The weekend was peaceful and uneventful.  Saturday night was one of those nights where Steve and I turned off the TV after the kids were in bed and spent hours just laying on the living room floor talking.  It was awesome and much needed.   

Today I went over to the house of my friend, Jen, so Andy could play with her kids and so I could have an adult conversation.  She's the friend I borrowed the Duo Glider from.  I had inteneded to return the three strollers I borrowed from her today: her Duo Glider, her Snap n Go and her Maclaren Quest.  She told me to keep them.  So my Craigslist Duo Glider is totally unnecessary.  Since I've cleaned it up though I could probably sell it for $50 and make a little profit on it.  Hee hee... 

Steve is working until midnight, again, tonight.  It sucks.  Tomorrow my Aunt Anne and my cousin, Marybeth, who moved to Florida are coming over.  I've never been particularly close to Marybeth even though she grew up across the street from me but she wants to come see Andy and Joey.