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Adventures in K-zoo

I had a pretty decent night in our king-sized hotel bed.  We have a queen at home so that extra space seemed like a major luxury.  Of course, we brought Joey to bed with us because he was fussy and we were tired so that extra space was wonderful.  We got the whole family temporarily dressed and went down to the lobby for breakfast.  

Andy was being fussy and I was worried about what I could find that he would eat.  I was standing facing the coffee dispensers when someone bumped me from behind. 

OH MY GOD, IT'S ANDY MINOR!!!  I was so excited to see him and his wife, Emlyn, but I was a little nervous as well.  I knew they still hung out frequently with my old roommate who hates me.  Plus I'd tried to keep in touch for awhile a few years ago and had never gotten a response.  Anyway, my fears were unfounded and we had a happy reunion. 

I mentioned Andy (my son) and his breakfast woes.  Every day, Andy has a waffle for breakfast.  It's his thing.  So after collecting hugs from college friend Andy, I noticed a waffle iron and said to Steve, "Awesome!  Andy can have his waffle!"  I hadn't noticed that Andy College Friend had just poured batter into the iron and remembered that he didn't know my son's name is Andy as well.  So, for 10 seconds there was an awkward silence until I explained that I wasn't making fun of him.  Maybe you had to be there... 

Breakfast was eaten and we went back to our room to dress for the wedding of Tim and Elena.  Andy was being an obstinate, annoying little twit and as a result, we were late to the ceremony.  Standing in the back of the church, I was able to pick out several of my friends just from the back of their heads.  

The ceremony and mass we beautiful.  Tim looked so happy and his new bride was radiant.  I couldn't wait to actually meet her.  

There was a little bit of a drive from the church to the reception location.  By now Andy had missed his nap and Joey was hungry.    Steve was absolutely wonderful all weekend.  He watched both kids so I could reconnect with my old friends.  He fed and changed both kids, kept Andy entertained.  Joey pretty much slept through the whole thing.  

Many photos were taken, much laughter was shared.  It was awesome!  

After the reception there was an afterparty at a place in downtown Kalamazoo.  Steve volunteered to stay at the hotel with the kids so I could go.  Almost everyone went- including the bride and groom.  It was awesome