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We're back....

...and I am so glad that we went. 

Getting to Michigan: 
The five Ruffings packed up our rented Impala and left Thursday morning around 10 and made it to Pittsburgh around 6 pm.   Andy was driving my FIL pretty crazy.  He's not used to being around toddlers.  I was really happy when Andy went to sleep.  This was the first time my in-laws met Joey and the consensus was that he is utterly adorable. 

Friday morning around 11 four Ruffings left Pittsburgh and headed off to Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We'd planned to leave earlier but my SIL and niece came over to meet Joey and see Andy.  We had a lot of schedule rearranging to make it possible for everyone to see us so I didn't mind the delay.  It seemed like it took forever to cross Ohio (and man is Ohio F-L-A-T! ) and once we hit the end of it and had to cut this tiny little corner of Indiana, we hit this wicked storm.   I seriously considered pulling over but I really really just wanted to get there.  

We arrived in Kalamazoo around 7 pm and I ran in to the hotel to check us in.  Our room was smaller than I'd hoped (considering it would be 4 of us sharing it!) and didn't have a VCR like they'd said they did on their web site.  That made it difficult to entertain Andy in such a confined space but I'd brought along coloring books, his Thomas collection and his Weeble airplane.  Steve went out to refill our gas tank and to pick up some pizza from Little Caesars.  He has this romantic memory of cheesy bread and I figured since we don't have Little Caesars here in Jersey, I could deal with franchise pizza for one night. 


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Apr. 5th, 2006 04:38 am (UTC)
Ignore my question about if you had a good time in your picture post. I finally just read these posts! :) Glad you seemed to have a great time. :)

Will a letter be sent to said hotel re: lack of VCR? ;) I sure hope so!!!

Eww... Little Caesars. Was it your first time having it? What did you think? Everyone out here hates it with a passion, but maybe it's better in other areas???

Oh! And how was your MIL to you? Was she nice to Andy and Joey?
Apr. 5th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)
I do intend to contact the hotel folks and let them know how displeased I was... who knows, maybe they'll give us a free night somewhere.

I wasn't too impressed with Little Caesars and neither was Steve. The memory was better, he said. :)

I'll email you about my MIL. ;)
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