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I'm awake, I swear. Well, sort of.

Busy busy weekend, as usual. 

Saturday morning Steve and I were running around like crazy trying to clean the house up because my parents were coming  down so I could take them to the local seafood co-op.  I did.  They didn't have anything good so we drove to this other fish market on the water called The Lusty Lobster.  I got some scallops, some little neck clams and a cull lobster.  My parents went way crazy.   When we got back to my house Andy was napping.  We sat at the kitchen table when Foobie (who was eating a bowl of spaghetti) announced that he's getting a little brother or sister.  My dad didn't know yet that my sister is pregnant.  He's a huge bigot and Nela's boyfriend is black so Nela was waiting for the right time to have to tell him.  He started to cry and it was phenomenally uncomfortable.  I feel bad for my dad because he feels really betrayed but at the same time his attitude is just so WRONG.  For once Nela has a boyfriend who is just an all-around nice guy.  They're very much in love, he's a hard worker and he takes care of her.  The color of his skin has nothing to do with it.  But that's my dad...

I woke Andy up so my mom could have some quality time with her.  He sat on her lap and snuggled while they watched some Baby Einstein.  I steamed my clams and the lobster and had a very nice lunch. 

When they left we all went to the mall to get Andy's birthday portrait done.  We went to Picture People and I love their poses and props but I swear I am never going back to the one at Monmouth Mall again.  For the second time the pictures turned out a little grainy and this time we had to wait two and a half hours for the pictures.  There were three or four people working but no one was upfront.  It was just annoying.  Whatever.  I'll have to scan the pictures later.

Superbowl Sunday started off really sucky.  Steve got called in to work a little after midnight.  He worked until noon on two hours of sleep.  While he was gone I went food shopping with Andy and that was an absolute nightmare.  The store was totally packed with people and Andy was being a little brat.  The only thing that made him happy was that I let him hold on to a bag of Cheetos all the way through the store with the promise that if he was good, he could have them when we got home.  When we got home I was so wiped out that I had to just crash for a little while.

My friends, Rosie and Rui stopped by for a little while on their way back from an open house.  They're on a mission to find and buy a home because their landlady is selling their house out from under them.  They're considering a place in our town and that's pretty cool.  The only thing is, while they were at our place, talking about the pros and cons of the place they're going to bid on, they insulted our house pretty badly.  They called the house "teeny tiny" even though it's 250 square feet bigger than ours.  They complained about the floors and windows, pointed out that they're just like ours, but they have to be replaced immediately to make the house "livable" and a bunch of other stuff like that.  I know it wasn't intentional, but it still had sting.  We've been in our "teeny tiny" ranch for six years now and it does need a lot of work but we just can't afford to do major upgrades.  We're trying, but still...

Later Steve and I watched the game.  I made some killer buffalo wings and had various snacky junk food set out on the table.  Andy loved having his choice of Doritos, Cheetos and potato chips.  I'm very surprised the poor little guy didn't have a belly ache.  Steve taught Andy to throw his hands up in the air if you yell "Touchdown!"  Later on when we checked on him in bed, Steve leaned over to kiss his cheek and whispered, "Go Steelers!  Touchdown!" and in his sleep, my little guy raised his arms.  It  was so cute.

So it's Monday.  I'm here in the office and I'm exhausted.


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Feb. 6th, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
I hope your dad can get over his negative feelings and fall in love with his newest grandbaby.
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