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Birthday Wish List

In two weeks, I will be 30.  I have told Steve and my family that I really really want to celebrate/ have a party.  I don't really expect gifts, but there are a couple things I really want:

  • Water Pen- Stampin Up
  • Bo Bice- The Real Thing CD (available 12/13)
  • Kodak Digital Camera. Either the Z760 or the CX7530
  • A gift cert to the local day spa for a mani/pedi and maybe a facial

Aside from the camera, everything else is relatively inexpensive.  Of course, the thing I want the most is the camera.  My digicam is taking really crappy pictures lately-- they're pretty grainy.  It doesn't have different settings for low light or bright sunshine.  It's essentially on or off.  Plus all the new ones take video as well.  That would be so cool.