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Enough with the Memes, here's a real post

This whole week has been kinda blah.  Monday I was lamenting that I should have had the day off from work but didn't. 

Tuesday Steve had to work until 11 pm because the office where he works was providing parking for our new governor's inaugeral ball at Princeton University. 

Wednesday nothing happened.

Yesterday I had my every-two-week OB appointment at 8:30 in the morning.  She thinks that Joey has flipped around finally although since I'm scheduling my c-section, whether he's breech or not doesn't really matter.  In the afternoon I had a meeting with the outpatient nutritionist at the hospital and that was a complete and total waste of time.  I was under the impression (from the perinatalogist and the brochure I was given) that this was going to be a consultation to develop a custom eating plan for me to control the GD.  Instead this 25-year-old girlie girl (I'm being generous in estimating her age here... I assume she finished college) pulled out a photocopied version of the standard diet I'd been given two weeks ago and READ IT TO ME.  I was insulted and annoyed because I missed work time to go to this stupid thing and had to pay for parking.  She was no help at all.  I've gotten more help from the women on Constant Chatter.

Last night Andy kept saying something that sounded like "Nya-nyee" over and over and I can't figure out what it is that he wants.