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Happy New Year?

This was the first NYE since I was in high school that I spent alone and didn't stay up to see the ball drop.  I'm not bitter or anything about it.  Really.  Steve had to work-- he's had the worse time lately with employees calling out/ resigning/ getting called up to the military.  I had both kids asleep by 9.  I settled in for a long, hot bubble bath and was asleep by 10:30.  Whooo hooo. 

New Year's Day- that was yesterday, right?  My family came over for a very early dinner.  It was the Ruffings (Juli, Steve, Andy and Rachel), my mom, my Aunt Anne, my sister Nela, her boyfriend Terik and my nephew Foobie.  I used my wedding china and crystal to set the table and after our Italian feast we had birthday cake for Rachel.  I used my spiffy new infomercial Betty Crocker filled cake cake pan.  (Although I got it at Linens N Things.)  As per Rachel's wish, it was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and covered in chocolate frosting. 

Andy refused to nap while everyone was hanging out laughing and being loud. I knew something was wrong with him because he was a drool machine and his cheeks were really rosy.  He also had a little bit of a runny nose and gunky eye.  Everyone was gone by 4:30.  We washed and put away the china.  Cleaned up the kitchen and just hung out for the rest of the afternoon.  We gave Andy a bath and started trying to get him to bed around 7:30.  Around 9:30 he conked out, mid-wail, in the middle of the living room carpet.  Poor little guy.  We let him stay there for a half hour or so before moving him to his bed, when he woke up and was inconsolably crying again.  Based on the drool we figured he might be teething so Steve put some gum gel numby stuff in his mouth and 30 seconds later he was asleep again. 

Before bed, I cut Steve's hair.  We both fell asleep really quick but I was up on and off from 2:30 or so on with crazy nightmares.  I dreamed that a serial killer was chasing after me and wanted to cut off my legs. 

This morning I had to take Andy to my parents' house because his day care is closed for the holiday but my office is not.  Here I am at the office, bored out of my mind.



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Jan. 2nd, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
I hope Andy is feeling better today.

mmmm chocolate cake filled w/pudding. yum!
Jan. 2nd, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC)
I just talked to my mom and she said he ate all of his lunch and has been asleep since 1:30 with no crankiness or problems. So hopefully, he'll be good tonight at home too.


Jan. 3rd, 2006 09:06 am (UTC)
Why do you always have to mention your wonderful cooking in here (I don't care what it is... could be pb&j... I just KNOW you're the awesomest cook and it makes me want to be Andy!)

Hey, don't know if you're in Jamiethetigers friends list but she wrote today that she thinks she saw SUNDAYBRIDE while out shopping!!! Remember her? I miss that girl. Unfortunately, she didn't speak to her.

Umm... how do you make the custom mood thingies?
Jan. 3rd, 2006 02:19 pm (UTC)
I just KNOW you're the awesomest cook and it makes me want to be Andy!

Well, yeah. It's true. ;)

I don't know Jamiethetigers but that's so cool to hear about Sundaybride. Before the big WC switcheroo I remember reading in the October 7 2001 brides thread that she was divorced from her husband after being married not too long. That's pretty sad. Out of the three brides I remember being active from our wedding day, you're the only one besides Steve and I, who are still together. :(

The custom mood thing was a royal pain in the butt. You have to be a paid user and follow the directions here:
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