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MTA Strike

"The union said the latest MTA offer included annual raises of 3 percent, 4 percent and 3.5 percent; the previous proposal included 3 percent raises each year. MTA workers typically earn from $35,000 as a starting salary to about $55,000 annually. 

Toussaint (Union Pres.) said the union wanted a better offer, especially since the MTA has a $1 billion surplus this year."

This is really ticking me off and I don't use the NYC transit system.  Regardless of whether or not the MTA has a budget surplus, why should these people get raises that are better than those received by a large portion of educated, white-collar employees?  Their salaries aren't too shabby either for what they do.  Plus they're peeved that there's a motion to move their retirement with pension age to 62 from 55.  The only people who get to retire at 55 anymore are cops, firemen and soldiers-- all of whom risk their lives daily.

It's strange for me but this time I'm not on the side of the labor union.  In today's economy, these people should be THANKFUL they have jobs AT ALL!!!!