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I can't believe that Christmas is only six days away.  Yikes.  Steve and I finished our shopping for the kids on Saturday and we are abstaining, I believe, from buying gifts for anyone else.  It's just not in the budget this year. 

I'm hosting my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew for Christmas Eve and I'm planning a big fancy-schmancy dinner.  I've got appetizers for the grown-ups and something for the two kids.  Dinner is filet mignon and my famous potatoes au gratin.  I need to pick a veggie still.  Dessert is Molten Chocolate Cake and also cream puffs and chocolate dipping sauce.  I need to go to Linens and Things for a tablecloth and napkins.  Thankfully they've got a nice one on sale.  Whew.  I'm going to make a centerpiece just from a large glass bowl and either apples or mixes nuts.  Since I'm planning to get a deep red table cloth and napkins, I think a big bowl of green apples would make a nice contrast.  I'm so psyched.  I'm sure my sister will tell me how corny I am but she was excited by my food plans and I know she's happy to have her boyfriend accepted as part of the family.

She's so in love and it's really really cute.  I love seeing her so happy and this guy seems to really care about her too.  I hope my parents can get over their issues and really embrace him as someone their daughter loves and not give her a hard time.  I think my mom is halfway there.  My dad may be a harder nut to crack. 

After Christmas I have to worry about New Year's Day-- my annual holiday dinner hosting event.  Traditionally we have lasagna and stuffed shells but my dad doesn't eat Italian, my mom's on a low carb diet because of her diabetes and my sister just doesn't like lasagna so I need to find out if I am, in fact, still hosting dinner and what the heck they expect me to make. 

Rachel's birthday is December 29 so if I am hosting New Year's Dinner, we're going to have birthday cake for dessert.

Then Andy's birthday is January 4th, so I have on my calendar to do something for him on the 7th or 8th.  Being right after the holidays, in a lean year to begin with, I don't have a lot of fundage to plan a big blowout.  On one hand, I'd really like to do something for his little playgroup buddies but I don't have the room in my house.  They're all two or three so I'd have to do something like Gymboree or Chuck E. Cheese and that can get expensive.  So I'm guessing that I'm going to have to settle for birthday cake for family and my closest friends at the house. 

Once all this is over I have to worry about Joey's upcoming birth, baptism and a trip to Michigan for Tim's wedding.