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Cold and quiet

My boss, whom I share office space with, is out today.  The other person who shares this small space is filling in for the receptionist, who is out this week on vacation in Vegas.  So, minus two bodies, this room is very very cold.  I have a small space heater that I keep shifting from under my desk to the top of my desk blowing left, to my desk top blowing to the right.  Still, it's like a too-small blanket--- some part of me is left a little chilly.

Saturday Steve put our Christmas lights up on the house.  It was really cold outside while he did it but he was happy to have done so when we woke up to a couple of inches of snow on Sunday morning.  I was up at seven and out the door by eight.  I went grocery shopping all by myself-- sans husband and baby-- and enjoyed the quiet of the grocery store.  Spent the rest of the day decorating and putting up our tree.  I also got three batches of cookies done-- some glazed lemon butter cookies, snickerdoodles and some jelly-filled thumbprints.  YUM! 

Andy was very amused by the ornaments and kept throwing them at the tree instead of actually hanging them.  It was very cute.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long December as it doesn't seem like the novelty of the Christmas tree is going to wear off.

Today is our sucky little town's Christmas tree lighting and after the havoc last year, I'm not going and I'm certainly not dragging Andy out.  Rachel is playing her flute in the band at the ceremony and I'm not sure if Steve is planning to attend or just do a drop-off /pick-up.  Wednesday is her band's Christmas Concert, which Steve will be attending.  I'll be home with Andy because he won't sit through it.  Thursday is my office Christmas party and Friday I have signed up for a stamping class.  Saturday is my scrapbooking group's party.  Sunday is going to be a do-nothing, vegetate day before starting another week on Monday.