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They looked at me funny when I said the name was offensive

This past weekend was Andy's first Cub Scouts Indian Pow wow.  (Hence the title of this entry.  And it's true, actually.)  It was an overnight camping trip at the local Boy Scouts camp that required me to buy or borrow a bunch of camping equipment that I didn't have or know I needed until right before the trip.

This was considered a family camping trip and an such we took all four kids with us.  Can you say "chaos"?  

I borrowed an 8-man tent from my friend, Carly, fully aware that it would never hold 8 men.  We were squeezed in like sardines with the six of us.  Four of us are shorter than 4 feet so I don't know how they come up with these numbers.  I'd never erected a tent before (that's what she said... ) so we did a test run in our living room the night before the trip.  We managed to get two queen sized air mattresses in the tent and a twin but when we were all sleeping there was literally no floor space that wasn't air mattress. 

We saw a group of native Americans dance.  We ate hot dogs.  There were some games.  A flag ceremony.  A campfire.  Pouch dinners.  Then we slept.  

On Sunday morning we hiked to an open air church for services.  There were s'mores and banana boats and we came home.  Sore.  Exhausted. Tired.

On Sunday afternoon I could literally not keep my eyes open.  Seriously.  It was horrible.  I was sore for 2 whole days.  


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