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Brain dump

Had a busy but good weekend.  I dropped the boys off at Steve's on Friday and drove home by way of Chipotle.  Lexi and Nathan were feeling better this weekend although Nathan did throw up in Wayne's car.  The poor little guy gets horribly carsick.

All day Saturday was spent cleaning.  I love that Spring cleaning purge.  Just time to get crap out of the house and do the intense cleaning that really needs to be done after a whole winter of being trapped in the house.  Plus it was a really nice day, so the kids played outside and I had all the windows open.  Wayne put away the ginormous mountain of clean laundry that had accumulated in our bedroom.  I have no issue with sorting, washing and drying clothes.  I just hate putting it all away.  And I especially hate folding kids' pajamas.  I don't know why.

Sunday was my Scentsy party.  I got out of bed at 7:00 am (a miracle on a weekday, let alone a weekend!) and did my grocery shopping then came home and cooked all of my goodies for my friends.  I think it was the first party where I was done with all of the prep when my guests started arriving!  Go me!  And I managed to change my shirt and put on a little makeup too!  My long-lost friend, Robyn, from high school drove all the way out from Jersey to attend.  It was like not a day had gone by.  The only little gray cloud was that my sister didn't make it.  She had been all excited to come but apparently was not feeling well enough to make the trip.  

After everyone left, Wayne and I settled in on the couch, in our clean house, and just chilled.  We needed it.

Today is rainy, gray and cold.  I need to get off my butt and straighten up a bit in the kitchen and start making dinner.  I'm making breaded pork chops with panko but it's much more fun to use the Japanese word.  Tonkatsu.   TONKATSU!!!!! It makes pork chops sound so much more exciting.
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