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My spring cleaning to do list literally covers two sheets of looseleaf notebook paper.  I am just so sick of the clutter and mess.

Top that with the blown over wooden playset issues I am also dealing with and you have one stressed out Juli.  

So the way I cope is I do the fun, easy things on the list, like moving decorations around, and the easy quick things, like vacuuming the living room floor, and ignoring the big stuff, like the giant mountain of laundry that is calling my name and all the closets that vomit stuff on me when I open the doors.

That said, I was busy earlier this week doing a nifty little contract job for a company that sells tests to HR people.  I wrote a test on business writing.  Pretty spiffy since I had most of the materials laying around from when I taught, gasp, business writing.  More padding for the wedding account.
Tags: citygirllost, ventiness
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