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The problem with being at home

Maybe it's just that it's been too long?  I swear, before I was a SAHM, I used to have profound thoughts, get engaged in deep conversations and be able to articulate myself in a way that indicated that I had some level of intelligence.

Yes, the use of the past tense there is intentional.

I don't know if this is the last residue of the aftermath of the interview debacle or something else.  I remember a time when as soon as anything happened to me, I couldn't wait to race to LJ and try to make an interesting/funny story out of it.  Facebook has really changed that.  While I think it's more difficult to be interesting in a pithy little one-liner, I don't think that it helps people know who I am as much as LJ did.  That I have people who are my "friends" on Facebook who were barely acquaintances in high school or college ...

See.  That's exactly the problem.  Joey called me to get him something.  Wayne sent me an instant message.  I responded to something on Facebook and just like that, I lost my train of thought.  I can't remember what I was going to write about the barely friends on Facebook.  

I do think I am going to do a purge and unfriend my former students and anyone I don't know that well.  I am proud of myself for personally knowing every person on my friends list, even if they are only online friends.  (I feel bad typing "only" when I've known some of them for over a decade, even if we've never met face to face.) 

Okay, this is my second return to this window. 

I miss writing.  I miss putting together a string of thoughts or telling a story in more than 140 characters.  

I have an idea for a novel and I've started to flesh it out.  I just need to find the time and the solitude to work it out.

In the meantime, I have gotten a little side job writing tests for a company that makes and sells tests for human resources professional use in the hiring process.  It's a little money to add to the wedding deposit fund.  More importantly, it gives me something new to put on my resume, even if it is only contract work.   It makes me focus and refresh my skills a little too. 

Other than that, there's drama.  There's always drama.  

Wayne and I did have a very nice weekend visiting with my family, being able to enjoy my parents and sister and aunt without being in a rush and worrying about a drive.  We played cards, took my aunt out for Japanese food and met up with my bestie and her BF for early dinner on Sunday.   It was good.
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