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Yesterday was Andy's seventh birthday and like every year, I've sat down and spent some time mentally assessing who he is and how he has changed over time and I get all teary eyed.

At seven, Andy is analytical and loves number crunching.  It's a little distracting when you're trying to have a conversation and he's busy connecting dots in his head or responds to my question about lunch with the square root of 64.  He's distracted and much more in his own head than other boys his age, I think.  For that reason, he has a hard time making friends but we're working on that.  

He's loving being a Cub Scout.  We attend the weekly meetings- Wayne and I alternate weekly-- and I really love seeing him grow and learn and interact with other boys.  It's also a learning experience for me because I get to see what six- and seven-year-old boys are like and Andy is just like them.  Their energy is incredible and they all want to be funny and smart.

My Andy Pants is still super snuggly with his mom.  He's still fighting with his brother.  He still doesn't really like to talk on the phone.  At least his calendar fixation is over. 

Last night he asked for a bedtime story as I tucked him in to sleep.  Instead of reading him a book, I told him the story of the night he was born, that it was the day of Rachel's birthday party, that grandma and Aunt Nela had been at my house.  I told him that the first words I ever said to him were "Happy Birthday" and "I love you."  I looked at his adorable little seven-year-old face and remembered how tiny he was and the tears started falling. 

I can't wait to see what kind of man he becomes, but in the meantime, I am trying to enjoy watching him grow up and appreciating all of the little moments.

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