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No alcohol, anywhere

Wayne and I were without kids this new year and the plans we had fell through so we went to his parents' house for the holiday.  Wayne's parents are religious people so there was no drinking as part of the festiviites but there was lots of family present and lots of food.  We played board games and laughed and had a (surprisingly) really good time!  

I finally got to open and play Apples to Apples, which Jesse & Marian gave us for Christmas.  It was hysterical and strange but a lot of fun.  We also played Scattergories, which I haven't played in years.  I forgot how much I like it.  

At midnight we all had a glass of sparkling cider/grape juice.  I missed the boys but hoped they were sleeping.  We got home at 2:30. 

For New Year's Day, we were invited out to my sister's house for our annual Italian food spread of lasagna and stuffed shells.  Instead we opted to deal with the mountain of laundry that's built up, straightening up the house, taking down the Christmas stuff and then a drive out to Harrisburg to go to dinner at the Melting Pot before the Big Night Out changes again. 

We love the Melting Pot. 

After dinner we poked around online a little before going to bed.  Today the boys come home and Tuesday is my Andypants's SEVENTH birthday.  

Time certainly does fly.
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