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It seems like I always update LJ on mornings when it's raining and miserable outside.  Well, it certainly makes my avatar appropriate.

Joey is driving me crazy.  Someone needs to hire me just so that I can have a few hours a day where no one is calling me every thirty seconds to ask for candy or to change the DVD or inquire about the location of a stuffed animal; a few hours where I'm not yelling at one of my beloved children to stop jumping on the couch, kicking at the couch, poking at the couch with sticks, running on the wood stairs, dangling from the bunk beds, etc., ad infinitum.  

It's the story of every day and with the onset of winter and the colder, wetter weather, I doubt it's going to get better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm only complaining a little bit.  I have fully loved and appreciated being able to stay home and get to know my children.  It's been good for me and good for the kids.   Now, I think it's time to work.  If I could only get someone to hire me.  It's depressing.

I've been busy trying to make CD favors for my friend's son's birthday party on Saturday (to which I am not invited).  My sons won't be around on the weekend so the lack of invite doesn't bother me too much but I'll be darned if this project hasn't sucked up way more time than I intended.  That's the way it always goes though, isn't it?  

Wouldn't that be an awesome business for me if the economy weren't so deep in the tank?  Party favors.  Wedding items like the Mickey Ear program fans that are all the rage with DFTW brides.  I'd really like to get a Yudu machine and screen print tee shirts too.  Ahh, pipe dreams.  


Nov. 4th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
SAHMing is so lonely - and unpaid! {{{}}}

All I've heard is that crafting just doesn't bring in much money, no matter how effectively one markets or how great the product is. You WOULD be fab at it, for sure (I've seen your work!) but please don't lose too much sleep thinking about "what-ifs." Martha was the only one who could feed her family by selling crafts!

As for the party host: YUCK.
Nov. 4th, 2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
I love the party host... and had my computer not crashed a month ago and had the blasted US Gov't not shut down Limewire, the project would have gone more smoothly. I had to find a new way to get the songs she wanted and then had to find a CD burning program when Media Player wouldn't hold the track listing I picked.

I envy Martha... she gets all the credit from what her staff does for her. It's depressing.

If only Joey weren't soo darned active and bouncy, the SAHM gig would be easier.