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Two at home

Today was "Doughnuts with Dad" at Andy's school today and Wayne was all set to go with him.  The two of them left and I started getting Joey ready-- gave him a bath, got him dressed-- to go meet a couple of my friends for bagels.  Just as we were getting Joey's shoes on, there was a knock at the door.

Wayne and Andy.

Andy not looking so good.

I opened the door and gave Wayne my quizzical look.  Andy ate his bagel and then barfed it all over himself. 

We changed his clothes and headed out the door.  The bagel meet was for the purpose of exchanging a pair of scrubs pants for a Halloween party this weekend.   Along the way home, I stopped at CVS for some kids cold medicine, some kids ibuprofin, a new thermometer and the coolest item of all-- throat soothing lollipops.

Andypants changed back into his jammies and is not lying on the couch watching TV.  Poor little guy.
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