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TGIF Baby!

Wayne is sitting on the couch behind me playing Madden.  He had an insane amount of overtime  while he was on-call last week and because of budgetary issues, they're now doing comp time.   So he's home today.  Woooo hooo!

This weekend-- tomorrow-- is our brunch with Guy Fieiri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network.  FN is having a whole big food and wine festival in Atlantic City this weekend and my mom, sister, Wayne and I all decided that we wanted to do this Guy Fieiri thing.  It's being held at the Phillips Seafood restaurant at the Shoppes at Caesars and cost way more than I would normally spend on brunch but I love Guy and my family never does stuff like this so, damnit, we're going.

It was all contingent on finding babysitting for the kids.  I am so grateful that Rachel agreed to watch the boys at Steve's house and I am paying her a good amount for what should be between four and five hours with her little brothers.  Wayne's mom will pick up Lexi and Nathan today from their mother and have a little sleep over.  

The comp time means that we're actually spending the night in Atlantic City-- something I'm pretty excited to do.  I am waiting to Priceline a room.  I don't know where we'll end up yet!  We have to hold off on clicking the button until Wayne can run over to the bank and deposit his paycheck, which normally comes on Thursday but hasn't arrived yet.  Of course!  

We're planning to have dinner at the buffet at the Borgata tonight.  I've eaten there previously at my friend Roseanne's bachelorette party a few years ago.  It was amazing.  I hope it holds up to the memory I have of the place.

So excited!  I need to go pack!
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