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These are the days of my life

After three years in central, rural PA it finally feels like things are falling into place.  I have a small circle of girlfriends that I am comfortable being with and being myself, knowing I can count on them.  We all got together on Saturday night to watch my downloaded bootleg of Eclipse.  I posted on Facebook early in the day asking if we could make it a pajama party.  OI meant, "Please girls, don't get all dressed up for this!"  It seems like we all tend to get dolled up when we get together because as mothers we don't really get that opportunity often.  On Saturday, though, after spending hours in the car Friday and Saturday morning, I just wanted to put on some sweats and flop on the floor.  

And happily, that's what we did. 

It was a lot of fun. 

And while I'm on the topic of friendship, I have to note how excited I am to be seeing redqueenmeg  tonight. She's an old friend from my days at Northwestern whom I have not seen since our big trip to Disney in January 2008.  It doesn't seem that long because we have an ongoing online conversation here on Livejournal and on Facebook.  I really enjoy that.  Meg is in Scranton, PA, on business, so I'm driving up.  Scranton is about 2 hours north of Newmanstown and I'm totally psyched to see a new place.

On Saturday (the 31st)  I'm going to this brunch thing in Atlantic City with Wayne, my mom and my sister.  It's hosted by Guy Fieiri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and is apparently sold out.  Wayne got paged so much this week while on-call that he has a full day's worth of comp time.  I think he's planning to take Friday off so we can drive out to AC and spend the night.  We have the brunch in the morning and then we have to pick up Andy and Joey from Steve's, where Rachel will be babysitting them, and head out to York for Wayne's brother's barbecue thing.  (Which, of course, was planned for the only day this summer for which we had hard and fast plans!  Sigh.)



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