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Busy, fun-filled weekend!

First thing Saturday morning we all got dressed in swimsuits and packed up our towels to head over to the house belonging to my friend Carly's sister-in-law.  Carly is housesitting while they were camping and she invited us and another friend's family over for some pool and hot tub time.  The kids had a blast splashing around and the grown-ups had a chance to relax a little in the sun.

Too much sun, as it turns out.  We are all a little on the pinkish side today.  

From the pool party we went directly to the IMAX theater in Reading where we'd reserved tickets for Toy Story 3 in 3-D.  It was AWESOME.  I loved every second- even the scary-ish parts.  And the end?  The sentimental wonderful end?  I cried like a baby.  It was perfect.  It helped that the character is named Andy and I have and Andy so there was a little projecting on my part going on there.  

After the movie we asked each of the kids what their favorite part was.  Lexi said the parts with Barbie.  No surprise there.  Andy liked the ending.  Joey?  He said his favorite part was the popcorn.  

Yesterday we met Wayne's family at a pizza place for lunch and then spent the day with them.  We also spent a little time at Wayne's grandfather's house, visiting for the holiday.  The boys got to talk to their dad for a little while to say "Happy Father's Day."  

Wow, it doesn't seem that busy written out but it felt very hectic while I was living it.  :) 

Today:  attack the laundry monster.
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