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Need to be cleaning but I don't wanna

There is still luau stuff all over my living room.  I went to Target yesterday to buy a bigger plastic bin to store everything in, but I haven't packed it all up yet.  At this point, luau stuff is rivaling my collection of Christmas decorations.  Seriously. Maybe I'll get to it today since it's all rainy outside and stuff. 

Yesterday I did something really cute.  I had to go to the library to return some (overdue) books and I brought the boys with me.  They both got their own library cards!  It was so funny watching them go around and pick out books.  Joey pretty much grabbed the first three books he saw.  Andy was more selective.  He chose a Berenstain Bears book that is way below his reading level and two math books.  One book of math puzzles and one book on multiplication and division.  My boys are so cute.

I still have a mountain of laundry to deal with and a huge pile of winter clothes that need to be put into bins and stored in the basement until about September.   I have forced myself not to play with my new scrappy stuff from my Close to my Heart party until I can take care of the laundry.  

Of course, I grabbed a few novels for myself while I was at the library that will aid me in my laundry procrastination.  I also have 500 wedding photos to edit and deal with from Wayne's brother's wedding this past weekend.