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Wanting to slow down

Friday I dropped off the boys to Steve and he took me to his new apartment.  From there I got something to eat and headed off to a Mom's Night In at one of my mom friend's house and had a good night chatting and eating pizza. 

Saturday was cleaning and shopping and the beginning of the preparations for our annual luau.  There is stuff all over the living room.  Steve brought the boys back around 8.  Saturday was also the day of Wayne's brother's fiancee's bridal shower.  I wasn't invited but I sent a gift anyway.  

Sunday was our usual day of craziness with sleep deprived kids.  Much yelling ensued.  Then there was the Lost finale.  When that was all over I was left with this feeling of being satisfied and annoyed at the same time.  They wrapped up a lot but there was a lot left unexplained.  I keep going back and forth in my opinion about it but I'm not nearly as annoyed as when The Sopranos ended.

Today-- cooking, cleaning, laundry. 

Saturday is the luau.  Next week is Wayne's brother's wedding and I still don't really know what I'm wearing. I think I need to get Lexi shoes to wear and figure out what we're doing with her hair.  I don't know what Nathan is wearing either.  

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