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busy weekend...

My weekend was pretty ordinary, for the most part. 

On Friday, at the bus stop, I had my first parent confrontation.  There's a little boy at the bus stop who picks on Andy.  For the most part, I've blown it off because Andy never paid the kid much attention. On Thursday though, this little brat of a kid, was trying to convince Andy that they weren't going to ride their regular bus, that instead, they'd have to run and jump on the bus that comes from the opposite direction, because it wasn't going to stop for them.  This kid was essentially trying to get Andy to jump in front of a moving vehicle.  I had to say something to this kid's mother.  And I thought I was.  There's a red car that pulls up to the bus stop, this kid gets out and the car drives away.  I flagged the car down and told her what the kid had said and she said she's the neighbor, who just drops the kid off.  I walked away.  I could hear her chewing the kid out in the car.  He got out and stood behind Andy and didn't say a word.  The bus came and they got on as another car pulled up.  A woman I'd seen before got out and went up to the bus and pulled the kid out.  The neighbor had called the mother.  The mother chewed the kid out and then came and apologized to me.  It was all very surreal.

Then I went to get the tire fixed on the Saturn that I'd popped a hole in the day before by running over a set of nail clippers in the road in front of our mailbox.  By the time Joey and I got home from that little excursion, it was time to pick up Andy and we did.  We headed over to Chick-fil-a, our Friday afternoon lunch spot, where I met up with Carly to exchange my folding table before driving out to Steve's.

I dropped the boys off and had a nice drive back-- an hour and a half to myself-- to think, to sing loudly and badly with the car radio and to just enjoy the quiet and the road.  I decided sort of impulsively that I wanted a cherry limeade from Sonic so I got off the PA turnpike an exit before the one I use to go home.  As I pulled into the strip mall where Sonic is, I noticed a Great Clips- one of those cheap haircut places like Super cuts and I decided that I needed a hair cut. I hadn't had one in months and my hair was just flat and boring and longer than it has been in years.  I went in and directed the chatty hairdresser to lop about four inches off my hair.  It was liberating.    And then I went into the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of decorations for this year's Luau.  And then I went to Sonic and got my limeade.  

Saturday I had a Close to my Heart party with my friend, Monica, a newly minted consultant for the company.  I pretty much spent the whole day cooking and cleaning up for it.  Three of my closest friends here in PA attended and I had a blast, as usual. 

On Sunday, Wayne and I had the kids outside all morning in the back yard.  I picked up The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, which I got for $1 at a yard sale a few weeks ago and read while they ran around.  Then after lunch, we took the kids to the park, where I kept reading.  Lexi and Nathan were picked up and I kept reading.  I finished the book around 10:30 last night and loved it.  

Good weekend.  Very good weekend.