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The Woman who wrote a book and changed the world

She was 56 years old, dying from breast cancer, going through chemo and radiation after a double mastectomy, and was raising her deceased niece's 10-year-old son as her own.

She spent a lifetime unmarried because family duty always called. First, she raised her nieces, dropped out of her PhD to earn money for her family when her father became ill, cared for her ailing mother, and finally raised her grandnephew.

She was born and raised in a time when men didn't think women should be scientists, they should be homemakers.

Her doctor's lied to her and told her her breast tumors were benign.

She received a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, when very few woman went to college.

Her research found that DDT was causing sterility and a decline in bald eagles, the thinning of bird's eggshells, and how the effects were passed through the food chain from water to fish...

She imagined the effects on humans.  As children were playing in the "fog" behind the trucks that sprayed.

So she wrote a book.

That John F. Kennedy read.

Her book sparked:
The Environmental Policy act of 1969
The clean air act
The clean water act
The Insecticide,fungicide, and rodenticide act
The safe drinking water act
The Environmental pesticides control act
and the Toxic substances control act.

Rachel Carson was just one woman who challenged a mindset.

Who wrote a book called Silent Spring.

Who was a hero.

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