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On party slacking, closet cleaning and full-time parenting

It occurs to me lately that I have been very, very spoiled.  Wayne is back to work full-time, plus an hour's commute each way so I have to, gasp, take care of the kids all by myself.  I get up early and get Andy ready and off to school, spend the day with Joey, pick Andy up and feed them twice before Wayne gets home in the evening.  I take the trash out from the kitchen to the garage, do laundry, load and unload the dishwasher and today I even went grocery shopping with both boys!   I realize this is not a feat of impossibility.  I have friends who have been doing this all along.  Single mom friends who have no choice but to do it all themselves.  It's just that, well, Wayne has always done a bunch of this stuff.   So this is an acknowlegement that I have been a spoiled little princess and I have a renewed appreciation for all that Wayne has always done for me.

This past weekend was Lexi's birthday party.  Unlike last year's Tea Party of Awesomeness, I kind of slacked this year.  The whole yearbook thing threw me for a loop and I had no energy or enthusiasm for planning a birthday party.  So Saturday before the party we all trekked to the party store (the same one Kate Gosselin shopped at, notoriously, last year)  and picked out a theme and decorations.   We ended up with "Hannah Montana,"  not my preference, but whatever.  We also got stuff for snacking and salad at Target. 

Sunday morning, I ran out and picked up an ice cream cake from the freezer at Dairy Queen and a few last minute odds and ends at Walmart and boom, it was party time.  We ordered pizzas.  It was a good time.  

This afternoon, I should be cleaning the disaster in my kitchen that comes from borrowing my friend Erin's copy of Deceptively Delicious-- purreed veggies to be hidden in Andy's food are all over the counter and backsplash.  I have groceries to put away.  I am making chicken stock on the stove and plan to make lasagna for dinner.  Still instead of tidying my kitchen, I'm typing this post after having purged my closet of work clothes from when I worked at GMAC and LegalVoice, both pre-kids.  Old, old clothes I couldn't bear to part with before are now in a heap on the floor and you can actually move the hangers in my closet.  Wayne will be ecstatic.  Well, he will when I pick them up off the floor!

Off to the kitchen.  Grumble, grumble...
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