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I had all of last week to myself, sans kids.  The boys were in Pittsburgh for spring break with their dad.  I had all of these projects in mind to accomplish while I was all alone.  Guess how many I actually accomplished?  Like, maybe 2.  

I did go through the disaster on the floor in Joey and Nathan's room and sorted toys and threw away a bunch of broken junk and Happy Meal toys, not to mention some big plastic monstrosities that were sitting in the back of the closet.  (I hate their closet because there's like 3 feet of space to the left of one of the doors that is largely inaccessible and totally annoying.  Stuff goes there to be forgotten about.  

I did not paint their room, as I intended to do, because it was damp and rainy and miserable most of the week.

I did get to go thrifting for random stuff for the house.  Found a bag of ivory colored buttons at the Salvation Army for $3.  We're talking like 5 pounds of beautiful shiny buttons.  I wanted to put them in an apothecary jar on top of the old wooden cabinet that Wayne and I just refinished (oh yeah, that's another project just finished!) 

So here's the old cabinet. before and after:


Aside from the staining, we added magnetic closures to get rid of that ugly block thing that held the door closed and put on nickel knobs. 

Then there's all the stuff I put on top of it, including said jar of buttons.

It still needs a tallish plant.

So I was feeling pretty good about the look of the living room. 

Then we went to New Jersey for Easter with my family where we acquired, in addition to a mountain of candy, four new members of the family. 

My mom's cousin had a ten gallon aquarium loaded to the top with red-eared slider turtle hatchlings.  Apparently, her son found eggs and brought them inside to hatch and hatch they did.  They were incredibly cute and way overcrowded in the tank so as we were leaving her house, she was like, "and on the way out, takje some turtles.."

Wayne and I went back to my mom's (across the street) and I could see the gears turning in his head.  Wayne, you see, is an animal person.  Me, not so much.  But still, the turtles were cute and needed a home.  I agreed to taking ONE turtle.  Wayne wanted two, so they'd have a friend.   My Aunt Anne just happened to have a ten-gallon tank we could use to get them home. 

So we went back across the street and went to pick out turtles.  My mom's cousin kept telling us, they've always been together, you should really take THREE.  Wayne and I talked it over and decided that with four kids, we couldn't have three turtles.  That's how I ended up with four turtles in a tank, in the trunk of the car.

Monday morning,  I had to take the boys to Pearle Vision so that Andy could get his eyes examined.  He needed glasses.  My baby looks so cute in his glasses! I can't wait until they're done!  While we were out, we went to Petco, where we got a "turtle kit."  Who knew the little buggers needed so much special equipment?  The kit came with a special 20-gallon, long tank, with a cutout on one side for the water filter (which also came in the kit.  It had a screen top for the tank and a light fixture that has an UV bulb and a special reptile bulb they need for "basking" and a "turtle dock"-- a special foam platform that they climb on for the basking, and an artificial plant.  I added a turtle bridge and another plant, a cuttlebone (traditionally for birds) for calcium, plus water conditioner and turtle tank cleaner. 

Here's our new pets...

And a little more close up: 

Luckily, the trunk in which Wayne keeps all his comic books is the perfect size for the tank.  They're right in front of the window in the living room, next to my computer desk.

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