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I wish my updates had more up beat exciting stuff in them but right now the weather is keeping us in the house.  It kinda sucks.  I'm not sure how much snow we've actually gotten today because we have seriously high winds.  It wouldn't surprise me to see some of my neighbors lose their playsets.  When there's high wind, one or two of them always blow over.  Just pray for us that we don't lose power.

Haven't heard back from anyone on the batches of resumes I've sent out.

Because of the weather, I had to postpone Joey's birthday party for a week.  It just gives me more time to go all crazy.  I'm okay with that, but Joey is a little disappointed.  I think I may make tee shirts for all the kids with the mouse icon.  (It's a Mickey Mouse party!)  I found a blog yesterday that had a tutorial on how to do it with freezer paper and my Cricut.  Cool right?  For the girls, I'll sew on a little bow between the ears like Minnie.  

Yeah, think I'm going to run with that idea. 

I also have to figure out mouse ear hats.  Should I do ears on a headband or on cone hats?

I have one more library book to read before I need another trip.  I may actually meet my goal of 52 books in a year!  


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