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Catching up

Not too much going on here.  I accomplished one of my NYE resolutions-- I finally went and got my library card.  I took out 4 books and I'm through 2 of them already.  

Totally revised my resume.  I like the way it looks.  It's a lot cleaner and neater looking than it was before.  I finally broke down and put it into a table in Word rather than trying to line up tabs.  If anyone wants to take a look and critique, I'd be glad for more eyes.  

We're supposedly getting a snowstorm of some magnitude starting tomorrow morning.  Wayne and I went to three stores this morning looking for a new snow shovel because the last storm killed the one we had.  I am considering going outside and shoveling a little of the old stuff around to make room for the new stuff that's coming.  Can it be spring now?  Seriously? 

Joey's birthday party was scheduled for Sunday but I emailed everyone who was coming and said that if we have the Big Daddy Snowstorm that we'd postpone a week. 

I need to clean the algae on my fish tank and I just don't feel like it.

Exciting stuff, right? 
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