purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

5 Things I love right now...

...that aren't people!

1.  Classic Hearth Hawaiian Bread Mix. 

Anything with the word "hawaiian" in it catches my attention.  I just made a batch of this and I'm thoroughly enjoying it with a little bit of country crock.  Seriously, the loaf will be gone in 20 minutes.

2.  Mountain Dew Throwback

It's less syrupy than regular Mountain Dew and lighter in flavor.  I love it.  Right down to the little hillbilly on the can.  I bet it's even better in glass bottles.

3.  DJ Earworm Annual Mashups.  

I have been working out to this for a few weeks.  And dancing around the house. And singing it to myself.  This sucker is catchy.  I highly recommend looking for the 2007 and 2008 mashups too.  So. Much. Fun.

4.  While on the subject of YouTube videos... this one is even awesomer: Upular!

It's a mix of sampled sounds and a beat from Disney/Pixar's Up!  It's mostly nonsense sounds but it still makes me want to dance.  I loved Up! so much.  I cried in several places.  I laughed.  I want to adopt Dug.  And Russell.  And even Carl and Kevin (and all her babies!).

5. Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Move over Paula Deen because Ree Drummond is not afraid of butter.  I have been enjoying reading through this blog and trying recipes.  They've all been awesome.  Check it out.
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