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Likely to be an unpopular thought

Was just looking at photos of the devastation in Haiti and like some people on my FL who have recently volunteered time to help people less fortunate, I am reminded that my life is pretty darned awesome. 

I wish I could do something to help the people in Haiti.  I don't really have cash to spare and I wouldn't be sure the best charity to give it to anyway.  I hear a telethon is being planned, to be hosted by George Clooney and I find myself getting really really angry.

Right now, unemployment in the US is around 10%.  In some states, it's more than that.  Americans are losing their homes to foreclosures at an insane rate.  None of this is news right?  And we all should help where we can when there's a natural disaster. 

What makes me mad is that these celebrities are going to go on television and ask us all to donate what we can.

But what has George donated?  He makes $25 million  PER FILM.  That's $25 million for about 6 months of work.  How many films has he made in the past 5 years? 

The AP put out a story that Madonna $250 thousand to help the people of Haiti — and she is urging her fans and friends to do the same.  Yeah, um, Madonna?  That's like your weekly bottled Kabalah water tab.  Is that the best you can do? And you urge your fans to do the same?  Then again, you're the singer whose concert tickets aren't available for less than $300. 

Gisele Bundchen, supermodel, donated $1.5 million to the Red Cross. She reportedly made $35 million last year, said she was inspired to help after seeing the catastrophic damage done by the earthquake. Generous, yes, but if she made $35 million last year, how much will she make this year.  

My big question is, for people who make more money in a year than most people can spend in a lifetime, why not more?  Why ask fans and regular Americans to stretch their already stretched budgets? 
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