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Report *me* for child neglect??!?!?!??!

I am FUMING right now...

Just got a nasty letter from Andy's school district threatening to report me to Children and Youth Services for neglect because their records of Andy's immunizations are not up to date.

Oh and he's excluded from school as of February 1st.

Nevermind that his shots *are* up to date and have been since school started. They were provided with up-to-date shot records. I thought, maybe I missed something. So I called the ped's office in October and they assured me that he has had everything he needs to be in school. I also gave permission for them to release information to the school, because the nurse was going to request it.

I talked to the school nurse (in October) and explained that the ped's office charges me $10 for a shot record and that everyone in my household is unemployed, that if she calls the school and requests a faxed shot record, they will not charge me. I talked to her just now and she says she did it, but that the ped's office said that they don't have permission to release the records to her or the school.  Of course, I thought it was all taken care of and didn't know anything otherwise until today.

It's a giant runaround.

In the meantime, I'm left with the threat of being reported for child neglect and I'm thinking, how many people don't immunize their kids by choice?I actually mentioned that to the nurse and got so ticked off that I hung up on her.  

Arrrghhh! I just want to throttle someone.

I may just go over to the ped's, get the form and invoice the school for the $10.  It's not really that big a deal-- the $10-- I get really ticked that they charge for paperwork at all....

ETA:  The peds office is giving me a shot record with no charge.  It is being sent along with a very stern letter to the principal.  
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