purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

December? Seriously?

Arrrgghh! Where does the time go? Crikey.

It's been five months of unemployment now for both of us. I fear we've fallen into the trap of being really unmotivated. I am changing all that. We have so much going on this week- as usual- and a ton of stuff to get done. Yesterday I started making decorations for Nathan's birthday party, to be held on Saturday. I can't believe the little guy is going to be three. We also decorated our Christmas tree and watched Polar Express.

Today I need to work on the decorations some more, decorate two trees at Andy's school and go grocery shopping. We resorted to take out last night because there was simply nothing here to make for dinner.

Tomorrow is heavy cleaning day. I am psyched to get rid of the little hand prints everywhere. They are driving me insane.
Tags: momminess
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