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I made Thanksgiving dinner twice

On Thursday morning we gathered up the kids and drove out to Jersey, to my Aunt Anne's house. Aunt Anne insists on hosting dinner even though she's not much of a cook and doesn't seem to really enjoy having people at her house. So what inevitably happens is that she gets ticked off and my mother and I end up doing all the cooking, but mostly me. This wouldn't bother me so much if my aunt had any kind of adequate kitchen tools.

The only cutting board she has is smaller than a standard sheet of paper. Her stamped blade knives have never been sharpened. Ever. It incredibly frustrating. Still, I managed to pull off a tasty meal which I was largely uninterested in eating once it was done because I'd spent the whole day cooking.

I got to talk to the boys for a few minutes in the afternoon but I still missed them a bunch. I barely saw Wayne all day because he was banished to the living room to keep Lexi and Nathan entertained.

After dinner, I played a little Guitar Hero with Nasir. And whooped his butt.

We drove home in the evening, making our total driving time for the day a little over 5 hours. Still, we were glad to sleep in our own beds and straighten up the house because Wayne's parents came over on Friday. They were here for lunch (we ordered pizza) and a little hang out time. They left just as the second Thanksgiving dinner of the week was done.

I made a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and some stuffing. Nothing major but totally yummy.

Saturday morning, Wayne and I went out to the farm and got ourselves a lovely Christmas tree. I think this is my favorite of the three real trees I've had. It's a Frasier Fir and very,very tall. It was so tall, we had to cut the top couple of branches off to stand it up. Then we played Rock Band for most of the rest of the day, stopping only to pop over our neighbor's for a little bit.

Sunday we ran out to Kmart (ugh, I hate Kmart) because they had the LED lights for the tree that I wanted on sale. Then there was football, with the Falcons winning by the skin of their teeth at the very end of the game, more Rock Band and then the boys came back.

Today: gym, bank, Michael's, tree trimming, watched Polar Express and now I have to get started on the decorations for Nathan's birthday party on Saturday. I may get to putting together a grocery list of shopping tomorrow night. Tomorrow during the day, I need to go decorate the two Christmas trees at Andy's school. Wednesday is reserved for heavy cleaning. Thursday is Mom's Night In at Stacy's house and Saturday is the party. Sunday is our ride on the Polar Express.
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