purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

Things I did today

(aside from screw around on Facebook too much!)

1. Baked a pumpkin roll
2. Baked an apple pie with a woven lattice top (my sister will definitely call me gay for this one. It looks beautiful!)
3. Baked an apple crisp
4. Made a pot of baked potato soup
5. Made a pound and a half of roux for tomorrow's bechamel sauce and brown gravy.

Detect a theme? I was on my feet at the counter or the stove all day. And I'll do it again tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm just hoping to get my family into a little post dinner card game or something.

On a sadder note, Steve picked the boys up around 10:30 this morning to take them out to Pittsburgh for the holiday. I miss them and it kinda sucks that I won't get to share the day with them but I was thinking, Steve's family is so small and has had so much to deal with in the past couple of years, it will be nice for them to have my crazy boys there. Joey is enough of a comedian to brighten anyone's day and Andy can sing all his happy little alpha friends songs.

Happy Thanksgiving internet buddies.
Tags: citygirllost, momminess
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