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Big Things!

Stolen from red_canuck

1. First Name
Juliann but nobody calls me that. I've been Juli since I was a kid. At one point, I had an 'e' at the end, but I dropped it.

2. Age
33, almost 34

3. Location
Newmanstown, PA. Central PA.

4. Occupation
Stay at home mom, unemployed teacher, unemployed PR drone

5. Partner
Wayne, also 33. Adorable. Fuzzy. Awesome.

6. Kids
Andy- 5- Intelligent beyond words
Joey- 3- My comedian. Uses cuteness as a weapon
Stepkids: Lexi- 5- Helpful. Goofy. Princess
Nathan-almost 3- fearless.

7. Siblings
Nela- 29. Married a rapper. Works for NJ Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation

8. Pets
Five goldfish: Jesus, Lazarus, Tabitha, Fat Louis and Edward

9. 3-5 biggest things going on right now
- Working toward lap band surgery for weight loss.
- Seemingly endless job searching for Wayne and I both
-Stressing over making Christmas happen for the kids
-Trying to stick to a strict budget and find ways to make a little income
-Being more positive and creating great childhood memories for all of the kids.

10. Parents
My parents are still married but probably shouldn't be.

11.Closest friends
Maria= Best friend since we met in Spain in 1990. She only lived a few blocks away from me in Newark. Right now she's living in Colorado, where she was sent for work but is planning to move back to NJ next year. She recently reconnected with an old boyfriend from high school and things are moving very quickly.
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