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Too much going on!

I've been feeling really busy lately. I had two crops last week and took Joey to get his picture taken.

Yesterday I went to a PTA meeting in the evening.

Today, I have a doctor's appointment at 4. I should also go to Panera and get bread for Thanksgiving. I'll just stick it in the freezer until next week.

Tomorrow I have to go pick up Andy's fundraiser merchandise at the school.

I believe that on Friday my sister, and perhaps my mom, are coming out for the day. I think we're going to go to Shady Maple for lunch. Then the boys are sleeping over my mom's this weekend.

On Saturday, I have more PTA stuff-- preparing gifts to sell at the school's "Santa House," and then hopefully Wayne and I will go see New Moon on Saturday night.

On Sunday, we're going to our first Falcons game in two years-- this time against the Giants at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

Next week I have Andy's Parent/Teacher Conference and volunteering at the school book fair on Tuesday. Also have to pick up Lexi and Nathan for the holiday.

On Wednesday morning Steve will come pick up the boys to take them to Pittsburgh for the holiday. I will be doing whatever early prep work I can for Thursday, when I'll be cooking at my Aunt Anne's house. Whatever I can do ahead of time makes things much easier.

Thursday morning-- early-- we're out to Jersey. After that, I don't know yet.

Like I said: busy, busy, busy.
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