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Insanity. Chaos. Bedlam. Anarchy.

I don't know what is going on with my boys this week. Holy cow, have they been nuts! Bouncing on furniture, running around in circles. I sit on the couch and wish they had a Family Circus dashed line behind them as they bolt around. It would be interesting to see. No injuries with all of this craziness, not like last week, and nothing broken. I should be grateful for that, I guess. I am grateful for my happy, healthy, rowdy boys but usually only once they're in bed and it's quiet and I can think about their days antics from a distance and giggle.

Andy is doing so well in kindergarten and he loves it so much. He's in the process of being tested to see if he should be in the Gifted program at school. They've determined so far that he qualifies for the additional "services" but I haven't been notified of what. He's an amazing reader. We started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone together, taking turns reading, and he is great at sounding out the words he doesn't know. Hopefully, this will help his attention span too. Right now, the only thing he really focuses on are calendars. He looks at the relationships between days, months and years and remembers everyone's birthdays: all the kids in his class, my family, Wayne's family. It's incredible. All too frequently I hear, "My 2008 birthday was Friday, January 4th. My 2009 birthday was Sunday, January 4th. My 2010 birthday will be Monday, January 4th." '

My response is frequently, "Arrrgghhh!"

He just goes on and on.

I really prefer when he sings his little kindergarten songs like Days of the Week, Where is Thumbkin and That's How We Make Our Numbers.

Then there's Joey. At almost four, he's absolutely hysterical and silly. He just walked out into the kitchen a little while ago with a plastic ice cream cone stuck to his face. and told me he's a bird. He's currently hanging from my arm while I type (wow, I'm stronger than I thought) and telling me that he wants to play the Handy Manny game on my computer. Guess, I should finish this up then, right?

Additionally, he's getting very good at recognizing all of his letters and numbers and already knows a few sight words to read. My Jojo is ACTIVE and very social. He loves to play with the little girls across the street and says, "Hey friends!" every time he sees them.

I am having some difficulty getting him to sleep. I think he's outgrowing his afternoon nap, which sucks because *I* need his afternoon nap. At night time, you can see in his face, and in his behavior, that he is exhausted, but he keeps getting out of bed, turning on the lights in his room and playing. I don't know what I can do to keep him in his bed. There are some nights when it is 11 o'clock and he's still puttering around his room. It's very frustrating.

Lexi and Nathan are here on the weekends and the craziness continues with them. Lex is very helpful and sweet, until you tell her she can't do something. She's developed a sneakiness and lying habit that no one is happy about. Nathan has no fear of anything and is very difficult to control but he's just so darned cute that it's not easy to stay mad at him.

Did I mention that they're both adorable?

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