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Had a dream about returning to Northwestern for homecoming involving a lot of old friends I haven't heard from in a million years.  I woke up feeling a little adrift.  I'm sure it had something to do with seeing a post from an old college friend on Facebook yesterday, talking about being all excited to see her friends at the reunion this weekend. 

I went to my reunion last year and only one of my old friends made any effort to see me.  It makes me really sad and kind of like I failed at friendship. I can very clearly see all of the things I did wrong to get to this point but there's no going back and no way to fix it.  

I hope this depression doesn't eat my whole day. 


Oct. 6th, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
I think I was... I was dismissed officially via email by my roommate. It still kills me every time I think about it because she seriously misunderstood something I wrote on a message board as having something to do with her when it didn't.

At the end of college I was all gung ho about moving in with my boyfriend in Virginia so I missed out on a lot of stuff, including keeping in touch with the people I cared about.