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Annoyed at the pediatrician


When I dropped the boys off at Steve's on Tuesday, I noticed a gigantic bruise on Andy's lower stomach.  When I leaned in close to get a better look, I noticed two little punctures, like some kind of bite in the middle.  It's was purple and red, maybe two inches across.  

When Steve brought them home last night, I checked out the bruise.  It was a little faded but Andy still flinched when I touched it.  Steve said it could be a hernia, so of course I had to look up hernias online and see if I could find pictures.  Definitely not a hernia.  I thought it could be a spider bite so I had to look up pictures of those too.  

Whatever, I ended up taking him in to the pediatrician today just to be safe.  

When I got there, there was a new note taped to the glass--- "Any copay not made at the visit will incur a $10 fee."  Great... I'd been hoping to get them to bill me the copay.  When the MA brought out our file, she said there was already a $20 charge on our account.  Apparently our copay went up and I didn't know it.  Grrr.

This is in addition to the $20 they made me pay to fill out Andy's kindergarten registration papers.  And it took them a week to do it! 

They charge a "premium" for evening and weekend appointments.

Does anyone else's pedi do this stuff? 

Oh, and the bruise?  Just a bruise.
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