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Miss my boys and can't wait until they get home tonight.

Stayed up too late last night and as a result I rolled out of bed at 11 am today. 

Bunch of stuff I need to accomplish:

1. Grading school work.  I am behind.  Need to log my grades in the online system I use to calculate the weighted stuff.

2. Put the plants that were started in my aerogarden into their appropriate outdoor containers.

3.  Laundry. Always laundry.  DOING

4. Pull winter clothes from Andy & Joey's dressers.  See what wardrobe adjustments need to be made for warmer weather.

5.  Water change and algae scrape of the fish tanks. DONE

6.  Water houseplants. DONE

7.  Change and wash all the sheets in  the house. DONE (but still have to re-make all the beds) 


Jun. 4th, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
Two down. Admittedly, the two easiest ones, but still!